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I am a marital and family therapist with a specialization in art therapy and trained in EMDR (eye movement desensitization reprocessing) and Trauma Resiliency Model.

When it comes to emotional well-being, a healthy sense of self worth and attunement with inner experience are essential. My work is psychodynamic and resiliency based, and together with my clients we explore their strengths and interests to build a baseline of well-being and confidence from which to tackle difficulties, accomplish personal goals, and build satisfactory relationships. Ultimately, emotional freedom, real power and the ability to have satisfying relationships have to do with living one’s truth and the successful integration of difficult experiences. Using a variety of skills, I assist clients in transforming fears and emotionally difficult or traumatic experiences, which limit their ability to enjoy life.

I am available by email or phone to discuss your needs and answer your questions about my training and style of practice.


The origins of this word come from two Greek words, Psyche, which means mind, spirit or soul and therapy, which means healing, curing or treatment.

Counseling/Psicoterapia • English/Español

I am fully bilingual in English and Spanish and I also speak Italian.